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= Effective Performance Management

Ditch the excuses. Why just measure performance when you can promote it.

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REAL TALKs + ReviewCloud

Create a culture of continuous employee feedback.

Get high-performance with lightweight software and expert support.

RealTalks by ReviewCloud is engaging content designed for employee quarterly conversations to drive a culture of performance. We make continuous feedback simple and engaging.


Recognize employees.

Ask your employees a simple question,

“Who deserves recognition and why?”

Promote social recognition.

With a quarterly conversations model, you’ll increase recognition by a factor of 4x.
With social recognition, you’ll increase it exponentially.

Identify MVPs.

Recognition metrics are a valuable management tool.
Your Most-Valued Personnel are the future leaders of your organization.

Build an Achievement Culture.

Your employees not only promote a culture where achievement is valued, but they also think critically about what actions deserve recognition.


Engage employees.

Now ask them,

“What are your most recent challenges and successes?”

Engage challenges – head on.

Traditional reviews look backward. Create a forward-looking culture.forward

Improve outcomes.

Engaging employees means more than making them happy. Happily working on the right things is the goal.

Plan for success.

Continuous feedback enable course correction through coaching. Why wait a year for the opportunity to improve?


Act on Goals.

Ask employees,

“What is the next step you need to take to turn your goals into action?”

No more “Set and forget”

Goals set at the year’s beginning only to review progress at the end is not sound strategy.

Employee-Driven Accountability

ReviewCloud prompts employees to update goal progress regularly. It alerts managers to progress activity. Engage employees in directed action to accomplish your objectives.

Meaningful Data Analytics.

Now leaders can view the terrain of goal activity throughout the organization and refocus strategies to address lower than average progress ratios. Now there is clarity of execution at your fingertips.


Learn from each other.

Ask employees,

“What can we learn that will make your job easier?”

Complete Talent Record

Every appraisal, conversation, skill assessment and survey response will be stored on each employee’s profile. Forever. No more paper-shuffling or email strings to prepare for your next review.

Keep expectations clear. Adjust when necessary.

Feedback creates a two-way street where employees inform managers on progress and mangers update objectives to suit reality. Simple, structured and frequent feedback is the means by which organizations learn.

Powerful Analytics Dashboard.

Compare results across departments, custom groups, among direct reports and more. One-click analytics and expert analysis will ensure you learn everything you can so that you can continue to build the culture you want.